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What is Violet Crumble?

Violet Crumble is delicious shattering milk choc coated honeycomb. 

Where is Violet Crumble made?

It is now made in Glynde, South Australia.

When was Violet Crumble first made?

Violet Crumble was first made in 1913 in South Melbourne, Victoria by Abel Hoadley (born 10/09/1844). Hoadley produced his first chocolate assortment and packed them in a purple box decorated with violets. The packaging was in tribute to his wife's favourite colour (purple) and favourite flower (violets). Within the box assortment was a piece of honeycomb that became so popular that Hoadley decided to produce an individual honeycomb bar.

This proved trickier than first thought, because as the pieces of honeycomb cooled, they absorbed moisture and started sticking together. This hygroscopic nature of honeycomb led Hoadley to eventually dip his bars in chocolate, to keep the honeycomb dry and crunchy. Thus, in 1913, the Violet Crumble bar was created.

Hoadley wanted to call his new bar just Crumble, but learned that it was not possible to protect the name with a trademark. He thought of his wife (Susannah Ann née Barrett) and her favourite flower, the violet, and registered the name Violet Crumble, using a purple wrapper with a small flower logo. It was an instant success and continues to be to this day!

Is Violet Crumble kosher certified?


Is Violet Crumble certified Halal?

No. However the gelatine that we use is halal certified.

Are all the ingredients in Violet Crumble sourced from within Australia?

78.7% of our ingredients are sourced from within Australia. As much as we’d love to source cocoa locally, Australia isn’t really known for cocoa growing!

Is Violet Crumble gluten free?


Does Violet Crumble contain genetically modified ingredients?


Is Violet Crumble suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

No , the gelatine we use is a beef gelatine so Violet Crumble is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Is Violet Crumble manufactured in a nut-free facility?

No, we also process a range of products that contain peanuts and almonds within our Glynde manufacturing facility.

How do I best store my Violet Crumble?

In a cool dry place and in an airtight container once opened is ideal for keeping your Violet Crumble explosively fresh!

I live outside of Australia, how can I get my Violet Crumble fix?

Our first suggestion is to beg and plead with any Aussie visitors you may have coming your way!  Get them to fill a suitcase for you!  Failing that, they are available via our online store ;)  If you reside in the US, don't fear, they are available at your local World Market and via their online store.


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